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Special Person Blog: Lisa Kendricken

I am a freelance artist of many different mediums from watercolor to airbrush to glass painting. I have been involved in art my whole life, taking art classes every year of school from elementary through high school. I always knew I was talented and it wasn’t until visiting an art fair myself that I realized I could be successful having my own table. I did just that, receiving tons of positive feedback. I sold all the wine glasses I brought, and left with several orders. My 2D work also got lots of compliments and buys. At that point I realized I could continuously sell my work for profit once my name and products surfaced.


I designed business cards and created a website to make my art work more accessible. Art is something I love to do so creating pieces that people are interested in purchasing is positive reinforcement to continue producing.


Getting yourself out there is the biggest part of being successful. Realizing the worth of your artwork and the uniqueness of each individual piece is the first step needed to truly believe you can be successful as a freelancer. If you don’t believe, you’ll never try.


I’m baffled. Why aren’t we all using this already? This would save space, and probably make wi-fi connection so much easier, and hopefully effective. Great idea.

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Helpful Concept

I love the concept of this. I think this will satisfy those with the green thumb who are trying so hard to save the Earth. However, I’m just not convinced it has a practical ¬†application. But maybe they’re onto something here….

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How awesome is this? Taking household items and putting them to work. I love simple innovation like this that helps, ALOT.

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I’m conflicted. Is this fun, or scary? It’s definitely an optical illusion that makes a small space look much larger!

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